Electric AC/DC Motor Rewinding Service in Abu Dhabi

Electric Motor Rewinding Service in Abu Dhabi

Electric AC/DC Motor Rewinding Service Abu Dhabi

We provide the most extensive selection of AC and DC motor repair services in Abu Dhabi. Discover why we're among the top in the business, and find out what savings you could make for your business when selecting our company for the next AC/DC armature rewinding and motor winding up to 1500HP.

Each motor undergoes a thorough assessment before work launching. Any damaged, worn out or non-spec parts are replaced in the rebuild process. We replace each bearing every time. Since we are an All-One-Stop Solution, we can provide the services we provide in-house in Musaffah, allowing us to offer you high-quality motor repairs with the fastest turnaround and Ac/Dc armature rewinding in Abu Dhabi.

Full Electric Motor Rebuild Service Includes

We carry out complete electric motor rebuilds that include AC and DC motors at our facility alternator Rewinding. We have industry-leading technicians at work on every step, which includes the changing of bearings, machining, the rewinding process, dynamic balance and Dyno testing. We also run a testing and diagnosis program for various motor build services. Thus, every electric motor repair or rebuild service we provide comes with tests

These options inform us that your motor is now in a fully functional state. This helps us ensure that you have the parts and services the equipment requires for long-term operation. Our aim in each construction or maintenance is to bring your equipment back up to OEM standards.



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